Any doubts?

How to participate?

How does CreateLab work?

We are a creative agency that belongs to the Communication and Society Research Center of the University of Minho. At the moment, we develop Integrated Communication projects for the academy and, in the future, we aspire to support the local community. Hierarchically, we split into teams of undergraduate or master’s students of Communication Sciences, guided by an Executive Coordination, who, in turn, is in constant interaction with the coordinators of this platform. You can meet the CreateLab team here.

Can I apply?

We are an Experimentation and Innovation creative agency that aspires to offer the Communication Sciences studends a hands on experience. This way, only undergraduate or master’s students of Communication Sciences of University of Minho are eligible to apply and take part in this team. 

Do you offer paid internships?

We are a non-profit agency. We develop specific projects in a special context, but we don’t offer paid internships. We offer, on the other hand, an extracurricular experience in a communication agency aimed at projects with a citizenship/social nature.

Can I develop a curricular internship?

The master’s students of Communication Sciences with specialization in Adverting and Public Relations or Audiovisual and Multimedia can think of CreateLab as a host organization for a curricular internship.


How to challenge us?

What sort of projects do you work on?

At the moment, we are able to support Integrated Communication projects of:
– Directors and researchers linked to Communication and Society Research Centre projects (CECS);
– Directors and teachers with projects linked to the Communication Sciences Department;
– Directors of schools and institutes that belong to the UM community;
– Directors of Centers of Investigation linked to UM;
– Researchers with projects;
– Deanship and services of UM. 

Which services do you offer?

We offer services in various Communication areas: Strategy, Digital, Audiovisual and Multimedia, Advertising, Communication Advisory and Public Relations. Further information can be found here.

Are your services paid?

At the moment, we are working in projects related to the University of Minho scope. In the future, we aspire to broaden our services to the rest of the community, contributing to our financial sustainability.

How can I get in touch with the agency?

We can be reached through our social media and our institutional e-mail. Our detailed contacts can be found here.