Laboratorial Agency

We’re no Thomas Edison, but we are inspired by his experimental spirit and his drive for innovation, working side by side towards a better society. 

We combine strategy, technology, design and communication.

We are an Innovation and Experimentation Unit, belonging to the Communication and Society Research Centre (CECS) of the University of Minho.

Currently, we answer this Investigation Center needs, as well as other academic entities by developing Strategic Communication projects. And we are looking forward to expanding our services to the community.

Our identity

We combine strategy with creativity in order to support social and scientific projects with critical thinking, investigation and innovation in Communication lighting up our way.


Developing innovative solutions when faced with various challenges, while promoting a learning and thriving environment.



Being the communication laboratorial agency of reference, where the qualification and experimentation represent the cornerstones of our way of doing things.


Professionalism, Dynamism, Innovation, Qualification and Experimentation.


A multidisciplinary team specialized in areas directly linked with the different CreateLab services. Showing no fear of tough challenges, while focusing on the application of the scientific knowledge in favor of a more balanced and qualified society.