Privacy Policiy

Information regarding the processing of personal data by the University of Minho

(RGPD, article 13.º)

Scope of treatment

These informations are related to the processing of personal data collected by the CreateLab website, Experimentation and Innovation Agency of Communication and Society Research Centre (CECS) of University of Minho, namely in the contact forms present in the pages 'How to participate?'; 'How to challenge us?' and 'Contacts'.

Treatment description

The first mentioned contact point - 'How to participate?' - is destinated to undergraduate and master's students of Communication Sciences of University of Minho, to whom are resquested the following data in order to take part in the project: name, e-mail, telephone, CV, portfolio and study cicle.

The second contact point - ‘How to challenge us?’ - is aimed at beneficiaries of CreateLab's support. At this stage, this support is limited to Research Centers and partnerships between the University of Minho and civil society associations. They are asked to provide the following information to establish contact: e-mail, telephone and name of the organization to which they belong.

Finally, the third mentioned contact point - 'Contacts' - takes on a more generic character to clarify doubts, and for this purpose, only the e-mail is collected.

Responsible for treatment

University of Minho, Communication and Society Research Centre, CreateLab.

Responsible contact

Data recipients

University of Minho, Communication and Society Research Centre, CreateLab.

Processing purposes

In all situations mentioned in the description of the treatment, the collected data fulfill the purpose of returning the contact with the interested parties, being subsequently archived for any follow-up contacts for a period of one year (which can be extended according to the project timings, in case of frequent and/or continuous collaborations).


Data retention period

One-year period (which can be extended according to project timings, in case of frequent and/or continuous collaborations).

Holders rights

Right of access, right of correction and right of data portability. Right to erasure after the data retention period. The right to limit treatment, in the situations provided for in article 18 of the RGPD.

Note: The data holder must seek to exercise their rights in the first instance with the Data Controller. If this proves to be a problem, you should go to the Data Protection Officer.

Data Protection Officer Contacts

Data source

The data will be provided by the users themselves when they voluntarily fill in the contact forms on the 'How to be part'? ‘How to challenge us?’ and ‘Contacts’ pages.

Personal data categories

Personal data belong to the categories of identity and personal and/or professional contacts. Therefore, name, email, telephone number, study cycle and CV/Portfolio (for students) and organization to which they belong (for beneficiaries) are requested.

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