BrandingGraphical Design

UMinho Doctoral College

Creation of a set of communication/dissemination pieces for the Doctoral College of the University of Minho:

– Visual identity lifting process (logo);
– Creation of a transversal and declinable visual atmosphere;
– Design and production of specific communication pieces to support communication.

Tough Question

How to embody the identity that the Doctoral College intends to convey through the development of different communication materials?


What if we created a transversal and declinable visual atmosphere, capable of reflecting the values ​​of the Doctoral College in an aesthetically appealing way and coherent with its mission?


“CreateLab proved to be an attentive, helpful and very professional partner during the process of developing materials with the graphic identity of the UMinho Doctoral College. The materials were left with an image that we consider very appealing and, at the same time, sober, embodying the identity that we want to convey in relation to this new structure at the University of Minho.”

António Vicente, Director of the Doctoral College of the University of Minho