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UMinho Doctoral College

Creation of a visual atmosphere for the communication of the training initiatives promoted by the UMinho Doctoral College. 

Tough Question

How can we give life to the approach of cross training for all PhD students and supervisors of University of Minho?


What if we create a clear visual entity and unique graphical elements for this initiatives, while promoting the association to/and with the Doctoral College?


“We believe that Createlab’s commitment to Colégio Doutoral was guided by a great professional seriousness and the sincere commitment of everyone involved, as we could see, not just by the final work of creating a visual atmosphere very in tune with what was originally requested, but also because of the dynamics of our meetings. Createlab was willing to get to know the Colégio Doutoral and was able to translate our objectives in an open and receptive collaboration, which is, in our point of view, one of the main qualities of any service provider”.

Uminho Doctoral College Working Group 2