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ICS presents CineEco

Creation of the visual atmosphere for the event ‘ICS presents CineEco’:

– Creation of the general creative concept;
– Declination in physical and digital supports;
– Dissemination support.

Tough Question

How do we create a visual atmosphere able to combine the visual elements of two events in a unified, coherent and harmonious proposal for the dissemination of the ‘ICS presents CineEco’ event?


What if we used visual elements of each visual atmospheres and articulated them in a way to create a third strategically declined visual line?


“The experience of working with CreateLab was very positive. We requested a creative work, and the team lived up to it, measuring up to every expectation. They were always professional, approachable, friendly and on time, even when it seemed impossible. Without a doubt, I recommend the agency and give a 5-star rating.”

Daniela Oliveira, Responsible for the Communication Office of the Social Sciences Institute